We all know we're well known for our potatoes, but who makes the best baked, mashed, and fried potatoes around? Read on to find out!

My kids have been very proud of the fact that we have the best potatoes in the country. I swear at least once a week they ask if we can go to the Boise Fry Company?! They love their purple fries because they look kind of funky. I think all of their fries are awesome, so they get my vote for Best Fries in the State!

Apparently you have to drive a couple hours away though to find the Best Baked Potato in the state. In Ketchum, Idaho they bake their taters to perfection at the Pioneer Saloon. I remember meeting a couple the first week we moved to Boise, and they said they went to a restaurant (that will remain nameless) that did not offer a baked potato as a side. The woman was totally disgusted by this "Hello, we're in Idaho!" Ya gotta have the taters!

Have you ever tried a Potato Pizza?! If not, you should! You can find the Potato-Bacon pizza right here in Boise at the infamous Pie Hole restaurant. I remember this was one of the first places Rick and I ate at when we came to town and the Potato-Bacon Pizza is delish!

How about the Best Potato Skins? Rick is a sucker for Potato Skins, and he says the best ones can be found at Goodwood Barbecue in Meridian. If you go with him, he's not sharing!

Moving on to dessert, have you ever tried an Ice-Cream Potato?! I haven't either, but it is on my Boise Bucket List! You can find it at Westside Drive In, which has been featured on Guy Fieri's "Diners Drive-ins and Dives!" Chef Lou combines cocoa covered vanilla ice-cream, with whipped cream and chocolate syrup in a Potato! Yum!