I admit it...I am a fan of Big and Rich. I like them as singer-songwriters. I like them as performers (they KILLED it at our Wow Fan Jam). I like them as good people.

Their new CD "Gravity" will be in stores on September 23rd. I honestly think that if you don't share my feelings for Big and Rich - this new CD will change your mind. It's full of great music from the guys. Songs with stories. Songs with great harmonies. Songs that make you think. Songs you can raise a glass to and songs you can slow dance to. There are 11 new cuts from Big and Rich on "Gravity".

Their current single "Look at You" is poised to go top 10 on the country charts. In my humble opinion the songs that will follow as singles on country radio will surpass that.

"Lovin' Lately" features Tim McGraw joining John and Big Kenny on a song that should resonate with anyone that's been in a relationship gone south, but the flame is still there. You wanna know...but you don't wanna know...you know?

The title cut, "Gravity" showcases the unique harmony between John and Big Kenny and will have you singing along by the time the chorus hits for the second time.

"Don't Wake Me Up" is for anyone that wants the "moment" to last forever; knows it's not going to, and doesn't want to say goodbye when it's over. Sound like anyone you might know?

"I Came to Git Down" is trademark Big and Rich party anthem. Hey, they're Big and Rich, and if they didn't have at least one on an album, we'd all be wondering what happened, right?

"Thank God For Pain" is my favorite song on the CD. The lyrics are exceptional, the vocals are awesome (more great harmonies). The "hook" of the song is reminiscent of a great rock power ballad, and the steel guitar and electric guitar solos add the perfect edge to the song. I think it's a number 1 record for the guys.

There are several other great songs on the CD as well, but I will let you discover them for yourself. If you don't own any other Big and Rich CD's, okay...but don't leave this one out of your collection. You won't be sorry.

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My two cents - Rich Summers - KAWO Brand Manager