Wahoo! It's time to go skiing! Here's what's going to be open this weekend. 


My 10 year old son Boston is going skiing for the first time on Saturday and he is so excited! Season passes for kids 7-11 at Bogus are just $69, which I think is a steal of a deal. Bogus Basin's beginner ski area will be open December 10th thanks to the 4 inches of snow we received yesterday and the 1-3 inches of snow we are supposed to get tomorrow!

Depending on how much snow we get, other areas may open this weekend as well, but according to KTVB the coach ski lift is definitely set to be up and running!

The Easy Street lift is also expected to open at Brundage on Saturday.

Tamarack Ski Resort is expected to open Friday for the season as well as Gateway Parks Tubing!

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