The 90's was a special time. I was 5 to 15 years old during the 90's and had 3 older sisters who I thought were the coolest so I got into the sayings and trends sooner than the average because I wanted to be just like my rad sisters. Some of these sayings hit pretty close to home and brought back some memories of a little girl desperately trying to be cool.

Ranker did a list of about 60, many sayings from TV shows (Cut. It. Out. - Family Matters) or popular songs (No Scrubs)

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Here are some that brought back memories for me...


Loser (have to put the L over your forehead)

Talk to the hand

Take a chill pill


No Duh

Cool Beans

Oh Snap


As if

Da Bomb

All that and a bag of chips

That's my name don't wear it out

Yo mama

Too legit to quit

I'm dying to know what you remember from the 90's, what am I missing?


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