Hey Boise, Did you Feel That Earthquake?
The quakes epicenter was in central Idaho, about 11 miles northwest of Stanley and was the area strongest earthquake this year. It reached us here in Boise about a quarter after 10pm, about the same time as the end of the Boise State football team's loss to Oklahoma State at Albertsons Stadium.
My Family and I Just Had COVID, Here is Our Experience
This post is in no way a political post, nor is it trying to sway anyone one way or another on getting the vaccine. This is simply a true telling of me and my families experience of what we went through having COVID-19. We are all ok now, and while it was close at one point, none of us had to go to…
It’s Official: TopGolf is Coming to Meridian Idaho
After about four years of research, planning and red tape to get through, it is official. Topgolf is building it's 73rd venue in Meridian. Topgolf is an entertainment, restaurant, sports bar and golfing establishment that is sure to bring groves of Idahoans thru it's doors. The closest loc…
This 80’s Classic References Boise in a Hilarious Way
My son and I have been taking a peek back at some of my favorite old 80's movies. Last night we watched one and there was a reference to Boise that made me chuckle. Tell ya what... I'll give you the line and you see if you can guess the movie before watching the clip and scrolling down to …
Idaho Gun Owners, Know How to Run Your Gun
While practicing our second amendment rights is important, it is imperative that you don't just own a gun, but know how to properly use it. By properly using it I don't just mean how to pew pew at a static range. I mean know how to move and run your gun.

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