Every time I drive by the lake in McCall I always wonder what it takes to own one of those sweet homes right on the water. How much money does it cost to buy one and how much money do you have to make in order to afford one. A quick glance a Zillow proved to be very scary and after figuring out that today those homes are out of my price range I also figured out that there is always a way. In this case the way to experience luxury lake front living in McCall is via Airbnb. Instead of spending millions of dollars you can live your best life for only $1272 per night in this lakefront Oasis. Check out the airbnb description below.

"McCall Lakefront Oasis - A little slice of heaven. Freestanding lakefront home with private dock and private beach. Enjoy warm summer evenings and sunsets from the covered deck or lakeside patio. Ideally located between the town of McCall and Ponderosa Park. Start your day with a mountain bike ride from the cabin, into Ponderosa park and up Huckleberry trail to Lookout Point. Spend the day on the private dock, private beach or private lakeside patio. Walk or boat to town and enjoy dinner at one of the many excellent restaurants or fire up the BBQ and eat lakeside. After watching a beautiful sunset, cap off the day next to the lakeside firepit.

Then sleep and repeat.

A wonderful home to make family memories at the lake. The gently sloping backyard actually creates a fun sledding hill in the winter for the little ones."

If you've dreamed of experiencing the lifestyle of the rich in famous in McCall this is definitely the affordable way to do it.

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