The Hot Country Knights are set to release their debut album The K Is Silent tomorrow. Doug, the band's lead singer, stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about everything on the new record, his interesting outfit, and just how they got someone like Terri Clark on their record.

Doug shared that the new album has songs for everything, particularly for those who love "real country music" like 90s country. There are songs for line dancing, songs about asphalt, songs about mullets, and some collaborations with Travis Tritt and Terri Clark, respectively. When asked how Clark got to be on a collaboration on their debut album, Doug said that he always had a soft spot for her. He says that Clark always believed in their group.

As for how Doug is holding up in quarantine, he's really not, but he is wearing his relaxed pants, along with USA socks, a mesh shirt, and his leopard face mask that matches his underwear. Doug is mostly excited for when he can get out of quarantine and go hang out with his ladies, the 65 and older gals. He wants to go make sure they're all good and from there, get back to playing their "before it was popular social distanced shows."