Now you'll just have to worry about getting all that shopping done!

The Downtown Boise Association announced today that tons of surface parking lots parking garages will be offering FREE parking this Saturday (8a-5p) in downtown Boise! This is in addition to the metered parking -which is always free on the weekend.

Here's a full list of all the participating lots:

Surface Lots Operated by Republic Parking:

Credit: joyt
1080 Front St
6th and Idaho
510 W. Main St
560 W. Main St
116 S. 6th St
5th and Main St
618 W. Idaho St
10th and State St
5th and Front St
10th and Idaho St
11th and Idaho St
Capital and Fulton
6th and Jefferson
210 N. 6th St
500 W. Idaho
416 W. Idaho
5th and Idaho
Wells Fargo Garage
Public Parking Structures operated by ParkBOI:
Capitol & Main Garage
9th & Main Garage
Capitol & Myrtle Garage
9th & Front Garage
10th & Front Garage
Capitol & Front Garage

Surface Lots operated by Car Park:

Fulton Lot- 8th and Fulton
Boise Plaza South Lot – 11th and Idaho
Hoff Lot – 8th and Jefferson
Garro Lot – 8th and Bannock
WaFed Lot – Capitol and Front
Surface Lost Operated by Diamond Parking:
1010 W Jefferson St
176 S Capital Blvd
122 N 5th St
507 W Idaho Ave
6th and Grove St