I passed the Idaho drivers test on the first go! Woo Hoo!!! Overall I had a positive experience for a trip to the DMV. The only problem I had was with the picture. I want to give you a fair warning because I was not expecting it and it shows. Be aware, they don’t let you smile. You have to have your mouth closed. So if I'm out drinking and you ask for my ID -first of all thank you-  secondly don’t judge the grumpy, deer in the headlights picture, I swear Its not my usual look.

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Kudos to people who take their License pictures to a whole new level like comedian Jono Zalay. He said his grandfather started the family tradition in the 70s. He puts on a whole persona and character every time he needs a new ID. The results are pretty funny.  Click here for the full story and more pictures.

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