I got PAID doing Laundry in my own house last night! This is not the usual but it was pretty fun to find $40 in my man's pocket. I kept it because after all... I earned it. Thanks for the laundry tip babe! Even if you dint know about it ;) Money is the best thing to find in the laundry, especially if you find it before it goes through the washer and dryer and gets all weird.

Speaking of weird, as a mother of an almost 7 year old boy I have found some super weird things in the laundry and I am sure I am not alone. So mamas, or daddies, whoever does the laundry at your house. What are some weird things you have come across? Here are some of mine:

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Lizard - not sure if he died in the washer, dryer or was dead in the pocket before - either way it was gross.

Rocks - Me halfway in the dryer "Titus! How did you fit this many rocks in pockets!?"

Bacon  - This one was from the man, not the kid. He saved it in a baggy for a little afternoon snack

Banana - Ok I cant take credit, this was actually my sister, her son LOVES bananas and hides them, she wishes she checked her laundry better this day, it made it through washer and dryer and was a HUGE mess after

Pens - This one KILLS me and has happened more than it should. The ink usually escapes and ruins EVERYTHING in the load.

What weird or good stuff have you found?


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