And now for the main event! My cousin Allie's wedding.  One reason this was amazing, other than how gorgeous she looked and how beautiful the scenery was, is that it's a miracle I even know her.......seriously!  My Dad's family was from New York but for some reason all the time I knew him growing up I never met them or even heard hardly anything about them. So when he passed away from brain cancer in '97, it seemed as though my only link to ever finding out anything about them was gone.  But then YEARS later in 2011, my Dad's cousin found me on Facebook and tried to get in touch with me.  She sent me a message, only the thing is if you're not friends with someone on Facebook, you can't send a direct message to them.  It was pure luck that a friend of mine posted about this "secret inbox" on Facebook where you can find messages people have tried to send you.  I found the message which was 3 YEARS OLD at this point and immediately responded.  From there I was invited to come to my other cousin Jess' wedding in 2014 and finally got to meet my long lost family.  So this time around, when it was time for Allie to get married, I decided it was time to take my Mom out to meet the family.  SUCH a great time.  Hope you like the pics :)