Ingrid Andress just hit her first ever number one on the country radio charts with her song "More Hearts Than Mine."

Normally, a first ever number 1 is a huge celebration in the music world. Artists and their teams alike go out to celebrate and spend weeks in excitement from the big news. However, Andress is in quarantine just like the rest of the world, but that didn't stop her team from celebrating. Not only did she receive a big bouquet of balloons complete with a number 1 balloon, Andress was celebrated with a drive-by parade from her entire team. They drove past her place and then everyone parked in the parking lot to take a giant, social-distancing picture together.

"More Hearts Than Mine" was created out of a concept in her own personal life. She was debating on whether or not to take home the person she was dating to meet her parents. But, when she was in the writing room with this idea, she wasn't sure if she should write a song about family and romance all encompassed into one since no one had ever done it. But ultimately, she moved forward with the song and used all of her own personal stories to write it. She says it was tough to do, since it was really exposing her own information and making her super vulnerable. After writing it and choosing it to be the single, she was told by many people not to put it out as the single since it was a ballad. Though, Andress knew if she didn't give the song a shot, she'd regret it. Thankfully, they were all wrong.