We had a good run of outstanding summer weather in Idaho. Idahoans rarely get a chance to enjoy the outdoors without suffering through triple-digit heat. Unlike other parts of the country, Idaho and the Mountain West don't have the humidity of the states East of the Great River.

However, the good run is over as the temperatures rise, setting up the stage for a dangerous heat wave this weekend. Meteorologists warn of the challenges of working and exercising in the hot sun.

The Gem State is entering a six-week period of long days and hot weather. Let's not forget the HVAC workers who are working overtime to fix overtaxed air conditioners, showing their dedication to keeping us cool and safe.

How Bad Will It Be?

Thankfully, you don't have to have a degree in meteorology to get a preview of this weekend's scorching weather.



Idaho and Oregon City Temperatures


How to stay safe!


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