Working on a farm is the closest career to being a member of the clergy. Farmers take no days off, work for others, and most show care and compassion for their crops and animals. For the last several years, Idaho farmers have struggled to maintain their livelihood.

The rapid growth of the Gem State has had a profound impact on the farming community. Many lifelong farmers have been forced to 'cash out' As developers offer staggering amounts for land that once bore world-class crops like sugar beets, barley, and the famous Idaho Potatoes. The transformation is stark, with subdivisions and cul-de-sacs now standing where once stood rows of nutritious Idaho crops.

Idaho is not all Potato
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It's a surprising turn of events in the Gem State, where the most precious resource, water, is being squeezed by global giants like Facebook and Micron. Who would've thought that an agricultural state would be so quick to sell out its water resources for big money from out-of-state interests?

Governor Brad Little / Twitter
Governor Brad Little / Twitter

Governor Little declared an executive order avoiding a water shutoff to Eastern Idaho Farmers who could've lost everything due to a poorly planned written water agreement. Farming is a rough, brutal trade; however, when the state cuts off your water supply, one has to wonder what's next.

Farmer in Wheat Field

Remember when the Village at Meridian was a giant field? Idaho natives used to hunt along Eagle Road before the thousands discovered our state's excellent quality of life.

The Idaho Press detailed the struggle local farmers have contemplating their future: do they continue to struggle or sell out and become millionaires? You can read the story here.

YouTube / Senator Risch
YouTube / Senator Risch

Idaho Senator Jim Risch is a proud farmer and rancher. He cherishes his weekend visits home to work on his ranch.

Idaho must reinforce the importance of farming, especially for the digital TikTok generation. There aren't enough clicks in the world to milk a cow without a farmer. Organizations like the Future Farmers of America are crucial to the state's ability to feed itself and the world.

Idaho's Most Famous Crop
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Will Idaho produce and protect enough future farmers? The future is in all our hands. 

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