Tonight is the night! The Boise State Athletic Department will be hosting a Movie On The Blue on the famous Blue Turd at Albertsons Stadium.

A Twitter poll was conducted to select the movie that will be played and the people have spoken! Tonight we will get to watch one of the best sports movies of all-time. One of the most iconic movies of all-time on one of the most iconic field of all-time. Voters have selected to watch...

Photo by: on Unsplash
Photo by: on Unsplash

The Sandlot!

You know what's better than a movie on the blue? A free movie on the blue! That's right, admission to this amazing event will be free. Parking? Also free in the west lot outside of Albertsons Stadium. The south end zone is currently closed due to construction.

Gate A will open at 6pm tonight. Fans will be able to interact with Boise State student-athletes and take part in fun family activities from 6-7pm.

The movie will start at 7:10pm. Refillable water containers are allowed and there will be water stations provided on The Blue. There will also be concessions available. Seating will be in the west stadium stands. You are not allowed to bring seats with legs onto The Blue.

Show up, enjoy the movie, and have fun with the family tonight. Go Broncos!

Photo by: Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers on YouTube
Photo by:
Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers on YouTube

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