If you're easily frightened or get nightmares frequently, you've been warned!

I'm pretty sure I just found the most horrifying video evidence of Bigfoot and it's the stuff of nightmares.

Like most parents, I was awoken by my kids in the middle of the night and I did what every parent does when they want to go back to sleep: I watched YouTube videos in bed.

It was then that I came across one of the most terrifying videos that I can honestly say I've ever seen... and it's possible that this footage captured a Bigfoot attack.

What makes this Bigfoot footage so "terrifying"?

Interestingly enough, it's not necessarily anything visual that makes this video so haunting as it's the audio.

The video itself takes place in Mission, Oregon which is just over 3 hours from Boise. In the video, we see a man talking about a noise coming from the woods around 11:00 PM. Right off the bat, we could hear what sounds like a scream or yell as the man describes what was happening. I'll be straight up with you - it's horrifying but there are some "what am I waiting for?" moments, so, I took the liberty of timestamping everything that's horrifying below so you can get to freaking yourself out more quickly.

Timestamp Guide For The Most Terrifying Bigfoot Video Ever

0:38: Enhanced audio gives us our first clear listen to the mysterious creature in the woods

0:50: "Laughter" can be heard coming from the woods which, I'm sorry, would require me to go change my pants.

1:01: More "laughter" can be heard. Honestly, how loud do you have to be to resonate that far?

1:31: A blood-curdling scream can be heard again.

2:18-2:35: The "howl" or scream gets louder and sounds like it's getting closer. Is this an enraged Bigfoot?

2:38: We hear a gunshot! What in the world is going on in the woods of Oregon?

2:58: A second gunshot is fired. With twenty seconds between this one and the first shot, could there be a struggle happening?

3:09: The most horrifying moment of the entire video. We hear consecutive gunshots and screech that sound like equal parts screaming and laughing. Absolutely horrifying.

3:15: The last of the screaming and gunshots we hear for the remainder of the video.

I genuinely think the mystery of the entire video is what makes it so horrifying. Seriously, what is that? Some people have theorized that it could be coyotes or elk, but what about that maniacal "laugh"? We can't forget that the video occurred around 11 PM at night which makes the entire thing that much more eery. Did we listen to a Bigfoot encounter that went wrong? Let me know your thoughts here!

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