I’m going to be real with you right now – my jaw is on the floor because I cannot believe that this dangerous act is actually LEGAL in the state of Idaho. We’re talking about passengers riding in the bed of a pick-up truck and for a state that has (and had) many ridiculous laws over the years, I’m appalled that this is still allowed. I do want to point out that growing up in Texas, we used to ride in the back of trucks all the time until a cop gave my buddies and me a warning about it in high school. Since then, I just assumed that this was illegal everywhere. What can I say? I was in my own little bubble.

According to Idaho State Police, “there is no restriction in Idaho Code that prohibits anyone from riding in the back of a pickup truck.” I’m sure that’s assuming everyone is seated properly in the bed of the truck, but children can ride in the back with no safety harness whatsoever. Am I going crazy?

Honestly: how does this even make sense?

Ask anyone in the Treasure Valley about the state of driving in the Treasure Valley and they’ll tell you that the roads “aren’t what they used to be.” Heck, there’s a whole Facebook group (shout out to Boise – Bad Driver Spotted) dedicated to just how bad our drivers are! And we’re going to allow children to ride in the back of pickup trucks? With no seatbelt?! Some drivers can’t even avoid colliding into an accident… that’s already happened!

I’ll leave you with this fun fact that further shows we should strongly consider outlawing riding in the back of pickup trucks. According to data at HouseGrail.com and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “pickup trucks are three times more likely to be involved in a rollover than any other type of car.”

I mean... just imagine seeing someone hauling grandma in the back of a truck like in this viral clip and no one batting an eye... cause it's LEGAL? We're good with this?

What do you think? Should riding in the back of a pickup truck be illegal in Idaho or am I overreacting about what is otherwise a harmless way to ride around the Treasure Valley (or transport grandma)? I would love to hear your thoughts here.

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