Laws: the weirder the better! 

We think of bizarre, out-of-pocket laws like the legal world's Easter eggs.--they're random, sometimes unintentionally funny, leaving you wondering, "What were they thinking?"

Sometimes, the really juicy ones reveal odd bits and facets of history, cultural quirks, or human nature you wouldn't expect to find in a serious law book. From water cooler talk at the office to fun dinner parties, these oddball laws make fantastic conversation starters.

Montana hates rats.

In beautiful Big Sky Montana, it's illegal for Billings residents to raise pet rats. Surely Montana lawmakers must have had a logical reason for banning pet rats, right? Wrong. To this day, no one knows the law's origins.

California doesn't frog around, y'all.

It's no secret that California has some pretty out-there laws and regulations, but the one that bans eating a frog that died during a frog-jumping competition might be our favorite.

If Hopper doesn't make his way across the finish line, their owners are forbidden from eating them and must dispose of them ASAP...or else!

Utah knows milk does a body good.

Rumor had it there used to be a Utah law requiring its residents to drink milk. According to Utah-based ELegal, injury attorneys at law, it's just an urban legend that's persisted for decades. The law firm says there was never a law in Utah that mandated the consumption of milk.

Still, it's funny to think there might be Utahns drinking milk like it's going out of style to avoid a stint in county jail. 

Washington has Bigfoot energy.

In Skamania, Washington, it's illegal to harass or pester the legendary creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Given the state's long-standing reports of Sasquatch sightings, we get why they'd want to protect the local cryptid.

One way or another, all of these laws are a comical reminder of how folklore wedges its way into actual legislation. If you thought these were entertaining, check out Idaho's loopy laws in the gallery below!

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