Driving in the Treasure Valley is usually a pretty mellow experience. Sure, in drive time you may encounter some bumper to bumper traffic OR some crazy drivers that have no respect for the speed limit..but for the most part, were kind to one another on the road around here.

Have you ever experienced a TRUE Boise traffic jam? These often consist of ducks, geese, or sometimes even deer, taking their time while crossing Boise roads.

Recently, one loud mama duck was asking for help as her babies dropped into a storm drain and folks along Ustick and Cloverdale called for help.

Here's a look at the adorable rescue--and the public's total support for these two awesome Boise Firefighters! 

Hearts Melt Over This Boise Fire Rescue

So often it seems not a single post can go without criticism on social media anymore. Finally, we found a sweet one that everyone loves!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

How amazing is this!? 

A major shoutout is in order for these guys who helped reunite the ducklings with their mom!

The Boise Fire Department wrote on Facebook:

Engine 10-B rescued these two small souls who were surely destined for doom down the storm drain if Captain Ingram, SFF Orozco and PFF Silva didn’t intervene.
The rescue took place today at the intersection of Coverdale and Ustick. A very upset momma duck alerted residents who called for help. The babies were reunited with their mom after we took a quick photo with our new feathered friends

We're obsessed with this story--and the rescue!

Thanks so much, Boise Fire, for making our week and saving these lil ducks!

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