What comes to mind when you think about the Washington wilderness--or the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest? Lakes, mountains, and majestic creatures!?

What about if you are to think about a glory hole?

Did you know that just hours from Washington and right here in the great Pacific Northwest, a well known and unique glory hole sees hundreds if not thousands of visitors each year!?

It's just near the Oregon and Idaho border, at the top of the famed Owyhee Dam!

Take a look at this Glory Hole! Have you ever seen anything quite like it!?

Intimate Look at Massive Glory Hole Near Idaho

A quick drive across the Idaho border and you can see one of the great wonders of the Pacific Northwest!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

It is definitely a beautiful sight and we didn't know that there were glory holes in our area that could be so amazing. It's difficult not to want to splash into it for a swim! 

What's the story with this massive thing? Well, 'The Glory Hole', as it's referred to, is a 60-foot in diameter 'kitchen sink drain' that is about midway up the Owyhee Dam which offers some relief and water spillage down into the river below!

At the time of construction, the Owyhee Dam ranked as the highest in the nation and when the water is filling up at high volumes, the glory hole is what helps distribute and move water along.

It's amazing to look at--and watch--as each winter comes to a close. It isn't a hole that you would ever want to fall into, however!

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