June, if you didn't know, is 'Pride Month', as celebrated by many companies, communities, and organizations nationwide. For about 4-weeks, many celebrate diversity and inclusivity and often times, you'll find events or festivals going on in various cities during this month.

Much like "Alcohol Prevention Month", "National Voter Registration Month", "Mental Health Awareness Month", or "Dog Adoption Month" -- there's really nothing formal about June & Pride other than many people choose to acknowledge it. Also, just like those months perviously mentioned, not everyone knows about it, participates in it, or chooses to acknowledge it.

And that's ok.

Recently, a bar in Eagle, Idaho, held a month-long promotion for folks who identify as heterosexual. A sarcastic 'play' on pride month. In an in-depth interview with local journalist Brian Holmes, the owner of the Eagle bar said that "people" are just "tired" of being "forced" to participate in Pride Month. 

Who's forcing them? He couldn't answer that question.

"God makes the rules", he explained to Holmes.

Now, after making national headlines and going viral on social media--folks are aware of the bar located in Eagle, Idaho--and their vocal owner.

After posting online that he is now the proud driver of a Tesla Cybertuck-- the internet seems to have turned on him--most mocking his purchase.

Here's a look at the comments coming in about the truck & it's affiliation with the bar that promoted 'Heterosexual Awesomeness Month' 

Internet Can't Stop Attacking Idaho Bar Owner For 'Compensating'

Why does the internet always have to be so opinionated?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Why does the internet constantly need to be so opinionated!? 

It seems people will say just about anything online--and this local bar owner is taking all sorts of heat from folks he's probably never even met.

Some people say that the peculiar Cybertruck is 'compensating' for a lack of masculinity in the owner. Why do they care if he isn't masculine?

Others say that the truck is 'gay' (whatever that means) and that by driving the truck, he's actually proving that he himself is not being honest about his own sexuality.

If the owner of Old State Saloon is indeed 'homosexual', that's ok too. We as a society should not care who he loves or how he chooses to love them. Or what he drives! The internet needs to cool it.

Imagine if all of these online commenters used their time to volunteer at a local shelter or for a great local cause instead of roasting this man. What a better world we would live in!

All in all, we hope that the owner of this Eagle, Idaho bar isn't being bullied too much online and that he feels comfortable being his own, genuine, self-- while driving that Tesla Cybertruck! He has certainly been on a wild rollercoaster of social media attention lately!

You can see the post from Old State Saloon, and the many 'colorful' comments, below: 

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