Wouldn't it just be a delight to own a pet fox? You could name her Akala, frolic through the meadows, and go off on epic adventures together.

It'd be so cool! It would be, except for the fact that it's completely illegal to own a fox as a pet in the state of Idaho.

How about a pet raccoon? Nope, illegal.

Skunk? Ew, gross. No. Also, illegal.

You get the idea. If they're kinda ugly-cute and roam around your yard, odds are you can't own them legally in Idaho. We're not going to narc if you leave food out for them, but you can't actually possess them as a pet.

Here's where things get weird for the Gem State: You can't own a pet raccoon, but there are some rare exotic animals you can legally own, if you have a permit and permission, of course.

Don't believe us? Let's check out just a few animals that you can very much have as a pet in Idaho:


Animals You Can Legally Own In Idaho


See? Who would want to own some lazy, boring raccoon when you can have freaking Raja as your pet! Sure, Raja won't go through your garbage, but is some Trash Panda supposed to protect you from burglars? Nope, that's where the pet lion comes in.

All jokes aside, unless you're some kind of professionally trained animal expert, please please do not attempt to adopt or own a dangerous animal. We don't want to see you, or the exotic animal, harmed in any way.


If you're looking to do something to help our animal friends right now, here ya go!


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