Not sure about you but if some lunch lady at my kid's middle school takes his lunch away and tosses it into the trash because he can't pay... we're going to have some words!


That's exactly what happened at Victory Middle School in Meridian.  Students are saying this isn't the first time it's happened.  Lunches are taken away from kids that do not have any money in their accounts and then tossed into the trash.


The West Ada School District is saying this is all because of a glitch in their computer systems.  A glitch?  Did a glitch force an adult to physically take food away from a 6th grade child and throw that into the trash?  What kind of glitch is that?


Regardless of what the computers are saying or how much money is or is not in their lunch account, there should be alternative methods to spear heading this issue.  In the lunch room, with food in hand, is not the time or the place.


All schools in the West Ada School District have policies of sending the student to the principal, who usually takes care of that lunch for the day and then business is taken up with the parents at a different time and Victory is no different.  But taking away and throwing out good food, and doing it in front of other students is not the answer.  Let's just hope these "glitches" get taken care of soon.