I get a text from my sister on Saturday night at 8:02 PM  - "Hi gorgeous! So I know it's short notice but I am getting married tomorrow officially at Lance's parents house. They have a beautiful garden. We want a big ceremony once people can gather safely in a year or so. If you and Kris and Titus can be there wonderful, if not I completely understand (emoji kiss face)"

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I had a long driving day to and from Portland yesterday so I could be there to support my sis. I didn't want her to be alone and I was so happy I was able to share the day with her. I was one of the lucky ones. The rest of my family, and we have a big family, all found out after the wedding via Facebook. I got a text form one aunt that said "We want popcorn for when your dad finds out."

What is something that you found out via Facebook or some other disconnected way that should have been delivered to you via in person, or at least over the phone?


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