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TMSG: Couple Donates $100K To Kansas Food Bank
Wichita, Kansas couple Ed and Jane Frederick saw that their community was struggling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
They wanted to do something to help. Ed Frederick owns Buckley Roofing and is now retired. His wife Jane volunteers at the food bank...
Bobby Takes Girlfriend On Post-Graduation Fishing Trip
Bobby Bones wanted to plan something special for his girlfriend post-graduation. He decided to take her on a fishing trip over memorial weekend.
Nashville was slated to have a lot of rain all weekend long, but as it turns out the rain held off pretty much all weekend...
We Picked The People Who Make Us Laugh For The Draft
The Bobby Bones Show's arguably most popular segment is back! The drafts of all different things. The show will only be doing 1 draft a week instead of 2 a week. Today's draft (May 26) was a draft of people who make us laugh.
The show had to pick 'People Who Make You Laugh:'
Lunchbox's picks:

Round 1: …
Help Us Decide The Bonehead Of The Week: May 22nd
Everyday Lunchbox shares a "Bonehead Story of the Day" to give us all a laugh on The Bobby Bones Show. The boneheads feature people all across the country that are getting in trouble for ridiculous things. So we decided to give listeners a recap at the end of the wee…

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