Everybody needs a home for Christmas! Rick and Carly's "12 Strays of Christmas" hopes to get these cats adopted by loving Treasure Valley families! Meet Sophie!


Sophie is our 1st Stray of Christmas!!


She currently lives at Simply Cats where they save cats from suffering and euthanasia right here in Boise.


Here's a little note directly from Sophie the cat...


"Hey there! Sophie here! I'm usually a pretty shy gal. I prefer gentle touches and slow petting. A lot of the time I can be found out on the catio getting some fresh air, sunbathing, and watching the birds. My previous owner used to walk me on a leash, and also take me on lots of road trips in the RV! It was really fun to travel around the country and look out the window at all the wildlife!"


If you are interested in bringing Sophie home for Christmas call Rick and Carly at         208-338-1043!!