So this is my healthy breakfast every morning.  Doritos, Dr. Pepper, & Grape Extra Strength 5 Hour Energy.  Ha!!  Here's what the rest of the DJ's eat when they're on the air...

  • Carly Cash - 1/2 lb bean burrito with red sauce from Del Taco & a diet coke
  • Zizly - Lime flavored iguana meat with sriracha - (What they hay???  She crazay!)
  • Ally - Jack & Coke - (Minus the coke!!)
  • Sari - 5 sausage flavored pancakes with a side of cole slaw - (No comment)

As you can see... we all CRAZAAAAY!!!  But this fuel is what we need to keep the coolest station on the planet powered up!  Hooooya!!