Don't get me wrong, I am ready for COVID-19 to shove it and as my 6 year old says "disappear in space and never come back!"

There are some silver linings though....

Sometimes Social Distancing is my Favorite :)

This weekend I drove to Portland and back to drop Titus off with his dad for the week and to attend my sisters last minute wedding. I planned ahead for a beautiful day and packed up my paddle board. Man was it cool to be out in the middle of the Columbia River with no one around. Being someone who loves to talk, gets paid to talk, and talks too much at times, loved soaking it all up without a word. It is so important to have time in our busy lives to be totally alone. Everyone is wired differently, but solo time is essential for me and COVID-19 has made it easier to get those moments to myself.

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More Time with the Kiddos / Family

This is a double edge sward as more time with family has caused some people to realize that their spouse perhaps wasn't the one, and divorce rates are up... But we are going to focus on the good. When do we EVER get this much one on one time with our kids and our families? At least the ones who live at home with us. While home learning was a challenge all of the extra snuggle, game and silly time with my little guy has been great.

What good things have come out of this pandemic for you? I know there's not much... but we are looking at the silver linings here....

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic: