My man Kris has the loudest most obnoxious buzzer alarm in the world. It is awful and he sets it an entire hour before he has to get up and then snoozes it like 100 times before it stops for good. It is SO loud that the alarm has woken my 6 year old son Titus who sleeps in his own room down the hall with the door shut. Seriously, its ridiculous.

According to The DoctorsAustralia did a study that will help me out with my mornings, and I hope does the same for you. It is now proven that the type of alarm used can have a big affect on how easily they wake up. It turns out harsh buzzers and loud alarms can lead to more grogginess and confusion. Hallelujah! I have my answer and a way to convince Kris to adjust his alarm.

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Music and nature sounds are the best, especially if you are able to have it start quieter and get louder. Unfortunately this is not as effective if you, like Kris, are super big into the snooze button.

The best way to wake up every morning (according to me, not the study) is with Bobby Bones and the great country music here on 104.3 WOW Country! ;)

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