5 Times Animals Made Crazy History in Idaho
I love animals but am also cautiously respectful because lets face it, they can be downright scary at times and cause all kinds of trouble for humans. Beavers, Lions, Tigers, Bees, Mountain Lions and snakes have all made national headlines over the years because of what happened here in Idaho.
Boise’s Best Dog Parks
Dog parks are awesome and Boise has some great ones. compiled a list of the top Dog Parks in Boise that is sited here. I also utilized google reviews and included the top rated. If you and your furry companion have yet to check these spots out, they are worth a visit.
3-D Printed Slugs is Making a Boise State Student Thousands
Sierra is the proud owner of 3D PrinTcess. Sierra is an entrepreneur at heart and knew, even as a kid that she wanted to create and sell things. She also is a lover of all animals and critters, yes even slugs. Sierra has three real pet slugs and is surrounded by plastic slugs all day.
Best Boise Greenbelt Stops in Downtown
The entire belt stretches for 25 miles. I have yet to get all of those miles visited but hope to get all sections covered this summer. Here are some of the best stops along the way that I have found so far. These are all within a 5 mile radius of the greenbelt right in downtown.
Major Country Concert to Benefit Zoo Boise
Major Country stars are involved in this fundraising venture called "All Together for Animals" to help keep zoos going. Be a part of this massively fun and special virtual concert event. One of my favorite country artists of all time Brad Paisley will be headlining with Old Dominion, Ashle…
Get Ready for the Geese Boise
It turns out there are two different types of Canadian Geese that frequent Boise and the Treasure Valley. Some stay while others travel through. The two look very similar but there are some differences.

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