Major Building Approved for Downtown Boise, Nearby Residents Mad
After hours of negative testimony and pleading from nearby residents the City vote was tied. When this happens the Boise Mayor has to be the tie breaker. Mayor Lauren McLean voted for the project, breaking the tie and accepting the proposal to build. Boise Mayor McLean knows that the city is in need of more housing and fast.
New Apartment Building Coming to the Federal Way & Vista
Boise is going through a pretty amazing boom right now. With the growth comes the need for more places for new Idahoans to call home. A new apartment building is coming to a Treasure Valley neighborhood and it comes at a perfect time.
Rent Prices are Up in Boise
Seen an increase in your rent in the past year?  Or have you been looking for a new place and noticed the asking prices are more than they used to be.  Well, according to a report by, it makes sense you've been seeing that...

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