4 People Arrested After Woman Left for Dead in Boise Foothills
It's one of the most horrific things I've ever heard of. What kind of people take a 20-year-old woman into the Boise foothills stab her repeatedly, and beat her with a broken bottle? Apparently, these four people do! Thankfully, the law has caught up to them and they are all sitting in jai…
Kuna Couple Charged With Starving Their Child
Nothing is more disturbing to me than the abuse or neglect of a child. Children and pets are helpless. They depend on us for their most basic needs and there is no excuse when we fail them. Nevertheless, it is happening in our own back yard.
Details Released in Fruitland Principal Arrest
The details are disturbing. This is a married man with a wife and young kids. Now we know specifically why Fruitland Principal, Michael Fitch has been arrested and charged with misdemeanors of sexual battery and solicitation of a prostitute.

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