back the blue

Celebrate Our Officers: Back the Blue Event in Caldwell on Friday
The event will take place at the The Caldwell Night Rodeo Arena following the Back the Blue motorcycle ride this Friday. Gates open at 4pm with outdoor food carts, raffles and booths. The official start of the event is 6pm and will go for about 3 hours. The governor, lieutenant governor and Caldwell…
Idaho’s Viral Tik Tok Cop Has Been Fired
According to a social media post from Ned Burns, The Bellevue mayor, Silvester was officially terminated on Thursday. The Mayor says that the decision to terminate was made by the Bellevue Marshals Office and had nothing to do with the viral tik tok video. Silvester has been under investigation for …
Nampa Man Calls to Thank Police Who Arrested Him
The closest thing I can equate this to is getting in trouble as a teenager from my parents. Then thanking them later for helping to teach me a lesson. I may not have been mature enough at the time, or even right after to thank them but eventually I showed my gratitude for the life long lessons.