big and rich

Fan Jam Favorites
My favorite Fan Jam Picture!!  We've got us, Rick and Carly, Zizly, Ally, Sari, Rich Summers (El Jefe), and of course, our very good friends Big & Rich.  Oh yeah... and you can't forget Cowboy Troy.  Some other favorites for me at Fan Jam:

When the entire crowd did the Pledge of Allegiance in hon…
Big & Rich – Big Hearts
When 15 year old Jenni Sherwood of Dallas found out she is terminally ill, all she wanted was to go to her high school prom.
Big and Rich
Big & Rich are comin' back to the WOW Taste of Country Fan Jam! Click here for ticket information.
Kristy Lee Cook
There's just something about a girl from the northwest. Kristy Lee Cook added a vibe to the night that raised the energy and fun to a whole new level. Her voice was huge, carrying throughout the Treasure Valley closing out summer at one of the biggest and hottest parties...
Big & Rich
There's a reason everyone loves Big & Rich. Their energy, their performance, the way everyone went crazy when they hit the stage...  the  night was officially memorable!

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