boise fire department

Phone Scam Alert!
The Boise Fire Department wants you to know that someone is trying to scam you.  Treasure Valley residents should be aware of a phone scam involving someone claiming to be raising money for the department.
Boise Fire Chief Wants to Make Illegal Fireworks ILLEGAL!
Ever bought some illegal fireworks before? Say possibly at one of those stands outside Ada County? Well, if Boise Fire Department chief Dennis Doan gets his wish that will become a thing of the past in the state of Idaho.
Earlier today Doan announced that he will be working with lawmakers in an effor…
Cat Stuck in Tree for 2 Days Saved by Boise Fire
Ready for some good news for a change?  A nice story to make you smile?  Our local heroes, the Boise Fire Department, helped rescued a kitty that had been stuck in a tree for almost two days.
The department wrote on Facebook, "we know one kitty who will be happy to sleep inside ton…