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3-D Printed Slugs is Making a Boise State Student Thousands
Sierra is the proud owner of 3D PrinTcess. Sierra is an entrepreneur at heart and knew, even as a kid that she wanted to create and sell things. She also is a lover of all animals and critters, yes even slugs. Sierra has three real pet slugs and is surrounded by plastic slugs all day.
Disney Unveils New Boise State Gear
Disney isn't new to sports partnerships. A few years ago, they went into a merchandise agreement with the NBA to create a unique Disney line of NBA team gear. They have similar deals with the NFL. Now, Disney and Boise State University seem to have struck a merchandise deal as well...
Former Boise State Football Player Named Newest Coach
Former Boise State football player Jeron Johnson is stoked to come back to the Blue. Jeron Played from 2007 to 2010 and was one of the most feared hitters in the history of the Boise State football. He also played six years in the NFL for Seattle and Washington. The Boise State Athletic Department s…
Idaho State Capital Adds Extra Safety Amid FBI Warnings
The FBI is waring publicly that there are planned armed protests in all 50 state capitols. Here in Idaho, we didn't see the security beef up like in some other states. The doors to the House and Senate chambers were locked and two state troopers were stationed at each entrance.
50,000 Pounds of Frozen Trout Donated, Get Some
One thing I know, is that when times are the hardest, individuals hearts seem to grow and help out in unsuspecting ways. Like who would have guessed that 50,000 pounds of premium frozen trout would be available for the Treasure Valley community out of the blue.

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