Popeyes Chicken Closing in Boise
The Habit Burger Grill is moving in as Popeye's Louisiana Chicken moves out of their Broadway location. For the chicken lovers, they will still have a couple locations open off of Fairview Ave.
Best Fried Chicken in Boise
Personally, I think it can be tough to find great fried chicken. It's always too greasy, or too dry, or not crispy enough. These places have the best darn fried chicken in the Treasure Valley though, so you will not be disappointed.
Ever Experience Lunch Time Harassment? Greg Does Everyday
Ever been there? You're sitting there after a hectic morning finally getting to take a break and enjoy your lunch, and here they come.......the lunch bullies (okay maybe that's a little harsh, but you get the idea).  And so what if you've eaten literally the same thing everyday for years...

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