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Man Hunts and Kills Deer in Popular Idaho Park
O.k., I get it if you are a hunter, but there is a time and a place for it. A hunter shot and killed a deer in this popular Idaho park leaving people disturbed, traumatized, and scared for their own lives.
Snapchat Threatening School Shooting May Be Linked to Idaho Schoo
We live in a world where you have to take everything seriously. We've seen far too many school shootings over the last few years and we certainly don't want to see something awful like that go down in Idaho. Police are currently investigating a Snapchat threat that may be linked to a schoo…
Botched Idaho Bank Robbery Kills One
I've been robbed while working as a bank teller three times, so I know how scary these moments can be. Unfortunately, this Idaho bank robbery went terribly wrong, leaving one man dead.
Giuliana Rancic Is in Idaho
I'm a little star struck this morning after finding out that Giuliana Rancic of E! News fame is vacationing here in Idaho! Here's where you can find her.
The Best Summer Hike in Idaho
I'm not much of a "sleep on the ground camper," I don't fish or hunt, but I do enjoy a great hike with my kiddos. This hike has been deemed the best state has to offer.

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