LeAnn Rimes Wins 'Masked Singer' Season 4
I am going to be honest with you, I have never once watched an episode. I didn't even quite understand it, the outfits were a little hard for me to get past and take seriously. That is until I saw that LeAnn Rimes won season 4.
Dierks Bentley As Dwight from The Office
Dierks Bentley just dropped the music video for his song "Gone," and it is worth a view or 12. The video shows Dierks laying in a vintage hotel bed watching the TV. What is on the TV is the fun part. It is Dierks himself playing 13 different iconic roles from TV and movies...
Study: Idaho is the LEAST Wasteful State in US
When you think green states, Idaho is not the first that comes to mind, but it should be. It turns out our state is doing a lot behind the scenes to be resourceful and smart about sustainability and utilizing natural recourses.
Nude LeAnn Rimes Shows Vulnerable Side on Instagram
LeAnn Rimes is going all natural... Before you get too excited gents, she is not doing this to be sexy. It turns out LeAnn has suffered from Psoriasis since she was 2. She decided to help others suffering by showing they are not alone. The nude photos show red psoriasis blotches covering her back, s…
Morgan Wallen Partied Himself OUT Of Hosting SNL
Saturday Night Live canceled Morgan Wallen as this week's musical guest due to videos and pictures of him doing some major partying with tons of people and no masks, in fact he was seen straight up making out a few different ladies. Normally wouldn't bother me, but for 2020 lets show some …

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