Are You Skipping Easter This Year?
Easter Sunday is this weekend, April 12th, but it a lot of our traditional celebrating is going by the wayside with the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you celebrating Easter this year?
My Easter Miracle
Easter is my favorite holiday. Regardless of your faith or lack of, Easter for me represents new beginnings and hope for a better tomorrow. A few years ago I lost my joy in the holiday. This is my journey with Easter. My Easter miracle.
Marshmallow Peeps are Delicious and You Can't Disagree
It happens every year around Easter. Social media explodes with people for and against peeps. Luckily, this argument is easily solved.
Marshmallow Peeps are a national treasure. A true American delicacy. They're cute, colorful, soft, and feel amazing as they melt in your mouth...

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