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LAST CHANCE: Easton Corbin Tickets
Easton Corbin is in town TONIGHT at Expo Idaho.  The show is nearly sold out, so this is your last chance at free tickets.  Just fill out the form below.  Winners will be notified after 4pm.  Good luck!
Future Hit at 5: Easton Corbin "A Girl Like You"
The man with one of the biggest chests in all of country music (seriously, have you ever seen this guy?) is back with his latest track "A Girl Like You."  Not only is it great, but it's one of those "good for any occasion" type songs.  Whether …
LOVED IT: Easton Corbin at Rick & Carly's Blind Date
Sooooooooo, this was my first Rick & Carly's Blind Date.  And I'll just say I lucked out BIG TIME :) I've actually seen Easton Corbin before but it was at a big venue and as anyone who goes to shows a lot knows, the best way to see someone is at a small intimate venue lik…
Carrie Pranks Easton Corbin
Carrie Underwood isn't well-known as one of country music's practical jokers, but after spending some time with Brad Paisley, she's clearly learned a thing or two.
Carrie Underwood Announces 2016 Storyteller Tour Dates
Carrie Underwood's 2016 arena tour will bring her new music to fans in a brand new way. The Storyteller Tour — Stories in the Round will be the singer's first tour "in the round," meaning the stage will sit in the center of the arena and fans will surround her.
easton corbin at the 2C fair
Easton Corbin brought the country to the Canyon County Fair Saturday night! Easton and his band played songs from his new album About To Get Real plus covered from classics (from all genres!) and a WOW 104.3 favorite, "Baby Be My Love Song." Thanks to Easton and the guys for puttin…