Chinook Salmon Counts Skyrocket in Idaho
I love fishing. I grew up in Tucson Arizona where there is not much water but we had a little cabin and my grandmother lived up in The White Mountains. Just down the hill from the little neighborhood was a stocked fishing pond. While this isn't the serene and peaceful fishing that I enjoy now a…
Sharks Are Going Extinct - Big Problem
A 4 year long global study has many experts very worried. There has been an alarming drop worldwide in shark populations. A large chunk of funding for the global study came from Paul Allen. The late Microsoft co-founder must have been a big fan of Shark Week...
Attention Fishing Lovers, Is this a Bull Trout?
When we were fishing at Red Fish Lake in Stanley we kept getting the same type of fish and all around the same size. It seemed like they could be Bull Trout so we ended up throwing back everything we caught. Can you help identify?