FREE Things to do with Idaho Kids
Other fun outdoor and warmer places to visit since it's getting so beautiful here again in the Treasure Valley. It goes without saying unless you are new here and don't know about it. You've gotta explore The Greenbelt.
A Player Piano & 3 Other Free Items on Boise’s Craigslist
Craigslist is always a place where you can get a variety of stuff. Some of it truly is another person's trash. But some of it could also be your treasure.  Craigslist is the great thrift store of the internet.  Here's what I found for free on this week...
50,000 Pounds of Frozen Trout Donated, Get Some
One thing I know, is that when times are the hardest, individuals hearts seem to grow and help out in unsuspecting ways. Like who would have guessed that 50,000 pounds of premium frozen trout would be available for the Treasure Valley community out of the blue.
Free Starbucks Coffee for Front Line Responders this Month
For the entire month of December, Starbucks is showing its compassion and thankfulness to first responders and people working on the front lines against the pandemic and beyond. At participating Starbuck locations, which is pretty much ALL of them, individuals who identify as a front-line responders…
WIN Pepsi’s NEW Apple Pie Flavored Soda
Are you someone who likes strange flavor combos? Pepsi has decided Apple Pie should be drinkable with hints of cinnamon and apple to mimic the taste. This is a limited release and you have to win it from Pepsi in a funny way.

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