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Girl Talk: Office Romance Gets Messy
Is it ever o.k. to date someone from the office? Emily in Boise is in a pickle with a guy she works with? Should she put and end to this romance at work or move forward?
Girl Talk: Is He Cheating?!
Katie in Meridian has been snooping and she found a text message in her phone that concerns her. What do you think? Is he cheating and should she admit to peaking in his phone?
Girl Talk: Secret Boyfriend!
This woman in Middleton is going to great lengths to keep her relationship a secret. Here's why she's keeping it a secret and she needs YOU to help her know what to do!
GIRL TALK: Money, Sex & Lies
McKell in Caldwell is in a bad situation. She desperately needs to keep her job but she has discovered all sorts of lies regarding her boss! What do you think she should do?!!

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