300 Idaho National Guardsmen Heading to D.C.
The Idaho National Guard said that a couple of months ago the plan was to send about a dozen to D.C. but with recent events the request for more came to all National Guards around the country. So in Idaho we went from sending 12 to sending 300.
Gowen Thunder Parking
There will be extremely HEAVY traffic for the 2017 Gowen Thunder Air Show so please plan ahead. Here's info on where to park, how to park, shuttles and more. Parking is first come, first serve so please arrive early. Here's the addresses and locations for different parking lots to store…
Will You Call 1,000 Times to Win
V.I.P. tickets worth $300 to the Gowen Thunder Air Show are going out tomorrow morning with Rick and Carly and all you need is a phone and a little dedication. Like calling 1,000 times type of dedication.