5 Times Animals Made Crazy History in Idaho
I love animals but am also cautiously respectful because lets face it, they can be downright scary at times and cause all kinds of trouble for humans. Beavers, Lions, Tigers, Bees, Mountain Lions and snakes have all made national headlines over the years because of what happened here in Idaho.
Real Hidden Treasures in Idaho and Where to Find Them
There is so much history in our amazing Gem State. Also there are a lot of gems, and gold and overall treasures hanging out, hidden just waiting to be discovered in Idaho. Here are some amazing tales of the wild west, robbers, criminals and hidden treasures that are still believed to be unfound and …
Idaho State Museum Focuses on Historic Women from Idaho
The Trailblazing Women of Idaho exhibit will be open to visitors now thru November so it is definitely worth checking out before it is gone. Feel like you are in their shoes as you travel back and apricate what these Gem state women have done for our state and for history.
Visit The ‘Top of Idaho’ for an Unforgettable Adventure
Mackay, Idaho is often called the 'top of Idaho' since it is at the base of Mt. Borah who's peak reaches 12,662 feet, the highest point in the gem state. It is a sight to see with natural beauty all around and a small western charm town that is plugging away in its own world.
Titanic Exhibit at Idaho Discovery Center
While I am far from a history buff, in fact it is probably what I put the least effort in school, the Titanic has always been fascinating to me. I cant honestly say if that would have been the case had it not been for the blockbuster movie. The car scene was so scandalous when I was a teen watching …

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