Hot Springs

Adventures in Snow Surrounded Idaho Hot Springs
I did what any respectable woman would do and took my suit top off to enjoy the natural hot springs in my all natural attire. It was a little embarrassing when a group of people silently snuck up on us. I had my back to them most of the time but ooops. I guess we weren't as alone as we thought.…
5 Best Hot Springs in Idaho
One of my favorite things about living here in Idaho is all of the awesome hot springs around the state. Here's where you can relax and warm up this winter.
The Hottest Hot Springs in Idaho
I have a serious obsession with pools of hot water (as in I think having a hot tub at your house is more important than having a sofa!) So I can't wait to discover all of the beautiful hot springs around Idaho.
Warm up in an Idaho Hot Spring
Geothermally heated pools, hot springs often are formed from hot streams and waterfalls coming from the earth’s crevices.  There are many in Idaho and what better way to warm up than hopping in a hot spring?

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