Nampa’s Housing Market is Just as Crazy as Boise’s
There have been so many stories and features about how crazy the Boise housing market and real estate spike have been. I wanted to take a deeper look into how surrounding towns and cities are also being effected by the recent boom. Here is a full break down from multiple sources on how Nampa's …
Boise Is Now A Top 10 “Zoom Town”
This isn't a surprise to you, me, and everyone else that lives in the Treasure Valley, but Boise was just named one of the top 10 "Zoom Towns" of the Pacific Northwest. We're often called a "Boom Town" with our growing population, but the term "…
San Francisco TV Station Encouraging Viewers To Move To Boise
I recently saw a stat that said if your household income was less than $117,000 annually in San Francisco, you were living below the poverty line, so I guess it makes sense that people are looking to get out. Now, a Bay Area TV station seems to be encouraging it!

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