VIP Inside Info On $1,000 Cash Times
Hey, looky what we found in the drinking fountain.  Cash Cash Cash... all over the place here at WOW 104.3.  If you want some... $1,000 to be exact... you need to know what time to call in.  Today's cash call times are...
How To Win $1,000
Here's Greely Price of Boise, Idaho picking up his $1,000 check here at Wow 104.3.  Greely says it wasn't luck or good fortune that got him in.  He says there's a system. Here's what you should be doing to win your $1,000...
VIP Free Cash Times
Ok VIP's... here's the exact time Moob the Cash Cow will sound off today for your chance at $1,000 cash...
Starting Monday, November 2nd, and every weekday in November (except for Thanksgiving Thursday and Black Friday) you'll have TWO (count 'em), TWO chances to win $1000 cash!
Wow104.3 at Shania Twain!
Tonight, WOW 104.3's Rick and Carly were at Shania Twain! They spoke with listeners, gave away candy, and posed for pics. Moob, the WOW 104.3 mascot was also there for pics and a good time! Make sure to listen to Rick and Carly in the mornings on WOW...
WOW 104.3 at PBR
WOW 104.3's Zizly and Moob were out at the Ford Idaho center for the PBR Built Ford Tough Series on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon.
They were handing out prizes and taking advantage of all the photo opportunities!
WOW Country at Idaho Beef
Alana made her way down to Eagle and McMillan to the Cowboy Cookout with the Idaho Beef Council. They had a Steer named Duke present at the event and if you could guess his weight correctly you would win $250 worth of Double R Ranch Beef. At the WOW tent we were giving away tickets to Trace Adkins, …
BMF with WOW Country
WOW Country had a blast at Boise Music Festival. We had the whole crew there including MOOB the Mascot. We gave out a bunch of prizes and we even had the beautiful and talented Kelleigh Bannen stop by our tent for roughly an hour.
Eli Young Band Pre-Party
WOW Country 104.3 getting ready for Eli Young Band to take the stage at the Knitting Factory.  Before the show lucky fans were able to meet the band and enjoy a private soundcheck party just for them.  Even Moob the WOW Cow came out to join in the excitement...