mountain lion

Orphaned Idaho Mountain Lion Kittens Find New Homes
Three mountain lion kittens found orphaned in southern Idaho now have new homes in zoos. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said the little lions had been found in January, two in the Wood River Valley and one in the Magic Valley, when their mothers could not be found.
Mountain Lion Found in S. Idaho Storage Shed
How did this happen? Nobody quite knows.  But regardless, Idaho Fish and Game found themselves having to trap and remove a young mountain lion from a storage shed over the weekend.
The cougar was discovered in a storage shed near Malta, roughly 35 miles southeast of Burley...
Mountain Lion Kills Dog, Injures Another
For so many of us, our pets are like our kids.  So I can only imagine the owners of two dogs that were attacked by a mountain lion are going through right now.  One of the dogs, a female Australian shepherd was killed and the other, a male yellow Labrador retriever is recovering from his w…